The scheme is progressing rapidly, the 2m high wall has been reduced down to 70cm, and has opened out the views to the surrounding countryside. 
The raised planters have been built and the sett detailing has been laid.  The fine tilth is being prepared ready for the turf.
The walls have been rendered and are drying out, ready to be painted.  We are hoping that the dry weather will continue and allow us to complete the painting within the next few days. 

The lighting cable has been installed, ready for connecting up the lights next week. 
The large curved glass screen has been ordered for the water feature.... there is plenty of detailed design work to be done on this! .... never a dull moment!

This is the view towards the house, in the background is the recently rendered outside kitchen area and in the foreground, the proposed play area, with it's timber sleeper walkways currently under construction.
This area is to receive artificial turf, and the final stage of preparation is underway!

One of our latest projects is to create a family garden for relaxation, play and entertaining within this existing space.
The house is a barn conversion with potentially great views over the surrounding countryside...problem is that only a third of the available garden is contained within this 2m high wall and all the wonderful views are blocked.
The clients are a  young couple with two small children and the brief is to include a contemporary area near the house with a play area in the middle section and make provision  for an orchard and wildflower meadow in the third section.

The proposed design embraces all of the objectives providing both a sleek, modern area with deck, firepit and (safe ) waterfeature.
Watch this space to see how the scheme develops ...starting with the demolition of that wall !


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