The garden is coming on….despite incredibly wet weather, we have managed to complete the painting of the rendered walls, the new deck is in place (garappa hardwood) and the photinia standards are ready for planting.
The curved glass screen has arrived, we are now working with our engineer and lighting designer to discover how best to fix it in place, light it , and to deliver the right amount of water to the top edge in order to create the effect of a sleek looking sheet of water.
In addition, the purchasing of most the plants is complete : mostly architectural plants with bold foliage, although seasonal colour will be provided by colourful herbaceous plants such as the autumn flowering nerine bowdenii, and shizostylis coccinea.
Further garden lighting continues with the installation of a series of stainless steel spike uplighters to all of the topiary plants and also led deck lights.
We are just hoping and praying for some drier weather to allow us to finish off.


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