The finished garden!

This is the view looking away from the house of the finished garden.
The photinia topiary are now in stainless steel pots, as the ground in this area is very boggy.
The view is much opened up now that the 2m high brick wall is gone, and the rendered walls give a light contemporary look to this outdoor space. You can also see the successfully finished (and clamped!) glass water feature in the background (more evening photos of it lit on the way!)
As can be seen from the photograph, the temperature is well below zero. It would be a good idea to always protect newly planted plant material if it is of a more tender variety. 
- If frost damage does occur, it is important to protect your plants from defrosting too quickly in the morning sun.  If the plants can't be moved, then the best way of doing this is by covering them with a thick black plastic.
- It's also a good idea to feed damaged plants with a balanced fertiliser, this will definitely help to encourage healthy growth.
- It's also important to watch out for snow damage (there's enough of it at the moment!).  To prevent your trees, shrubs and hedges getting disfigured you should try to shake off any excess snow from their branches.
- Something to avoid: walking on snowy grass!  It can damage the turf underneath and leave marks on the lawn.


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