RHS Tatton Show 2010

We've just sent off our application for the 2010 RHS Tatton show, very exciting!  The picture above is the 3d garden visualisation we created using sketchup and photoshop.  A friend (Dan Archer    http://www.archersculpture.co.uk/) is very kindly going to lend us a great contemporary sculpture, for the week, to finish off the garden. 
We've decided to name the garden 'Tranquility Island' - the idea behind it is that it's intended as a retreat from the hectic pace of everyday life.  The snaking sleeper bridge represents the journey through life as a spiritual quest.  While arrival at the enclosed decked area is a metaphor for the fulfillment of achieving higher states of consciousness.  

The garden is very elemental - it uses water, timber, stone and plants to create a harmonious series of spaces.   We have tried to be environmentally conscientious with the design (the offcuts of boulders we're using would otherwise go to landfill), all the materials are going to be locally sourced to avoid unnecessary transport.

The preliminary planting plan for the scheme is ornamental with a Mediterranean flavour, we're going to use a selection of grasses and perennials set in large drifts.  We also want to include 3 - 4 large trees as a backdrop - hopefully some beautiful old olive trees.


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