Here you can see the dramatic transformations created with these before and after images of a few of our past garden design and build projects.

One project has a series of spectacular canals and waterfalls in a minimalist setting, another an elemental garden and fish pond, there is a contemporary deck with a beautiful bright green water feature back drop, an Edwardian courtyard made modern and a large family garden that is both stunning and functional.

Check out this recently finished garden complete with waterfeature, garden lighting, topiary, decking and fine cream coloured contemporary sandstone slabs.

The semi-circular deck has been designed using specially machined, tapered hardwood deckboards. This smaller deck is positioned to catch the morning sun...perfect as a breakfast terrace!

The individual topiary standards (photinia 'Red Robin') make an excellent strong statement....each has a stainless steel spike spot uplighter....helping to create drama and atmosphere.

(Planting is complete but needs time to mature)


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