It is often the way that homeowners tend to build the most basic of decks 
with little or no thought to design. The truth is, that a well designed deck 
need cost no more to realise than a basic square or rectangular shape.

The deck illustrated here has a circular theme. It is true that some time needs 
to be devoted to calculating the tapered deck boards, and the neat stone circle 
included to 'start off' the ccircular design, but the deck has so much more style 
and 'wow' factor than would otherwise be the case.

This deck has been constructed from treated softwood.(available from B&
Q etc) with the grooved pattern on the underside. The treated softwood joists 
extend out concentrically form the centre at 50cm intervals and are constructed 
as octagonal shapes to support the timber deckboards.

The clever addition here (by the clients) of a circular table adds to the sense 
of style.


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