Sanctuary in the City

This has to be one of the smallest gardens we have built for a sunny inner-city Manchester
The garden ('backyard' rather) measures a mere 4m x 6m with access via a small cobbled service road at the back of the row of terraced house
Our client wants to create a semi private, relaxing oasis in the midst of a bustling city..a place to unwind and entertain.
First task is to move the bike shed and this means making a new concrete base. The shed has to be moved because our client has identified the spot it currently occupies as catching late afternoon/ early evening sun.
Second task is to build some timber sleeper retaining walls to help define the plant areas. This will allow the soil level to be built up....allowing new root systems to be well drained.
The next job is to re-build the leaning (and slightly dangerous) brick wall with the new gate aperture moved across to allow for a new, hardwood 'L-shaped' bench to be built for eating out.
We are hoping to finish this smallish scheme within the next two weeks (weather permitting!) Keep checking in for progress.=



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