There has been a hurricane of activity at Garden Magic this spring. We have garden design projects currently covering the entire Northwest: Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool, Manchester and even Yorkshire!It is always fun to see the transformations in progress, so here are a few pictures of gardens before and during construction . . . and soon we will share the finished spaces!

Construction is underway in north Manchester (above) as we take what was once plain lawn and create a luxurious space with sleek decking, ornamental pond and contemporary patio, framing a perfect bit of lawn we saved. 
In northwest Lancashire this magnificent home (above, that was once a barn!) has large contemporary windows over looking the back garden. The garden has a steep slope, which we are in the process of using to create a terraced and dramatic landscape mimicking a series of outdoor rooms, for eating, relaxing, and entertaining.  
Just started yesterday, the Yorkstone from this traditional garden space in Cheshire (above) was lifted, making way for the transition to a modern look, with simple, clean lines, defined edges and dramatic vistas.

More updates coming soon . . . 


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