It’s been several weeks since my last update a Snapshot of our Garden Transformations in Progress and our projects have come a long way! On the left you can see this traditional Cheshire garden (before) has now been stripped, reshaped (below) and is being given a more modern look. 
The renovations need to be completed on the house before we can put down the ipe hardwood deck.
On the same site the new driveway is coming together; here you can see the natural stone border, which surrounds beautiful buff coloured Cotswold stone chippings.

It may not look like much yet, but this terraced garden in northwest Lancashire is taking shape. The top tier will provide a deck with views, the bottom will have a natural stone patio seating area and the middle will bring in colour with lawn and plantings. Below you can see the before image and on the right is the work in progress. 

Check back soon to see photos of the finished gardens . . .



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